Benefits And Uses Of Lacto Calamine

Lacto calamine is product that needs no introduction. I am sure we all have used it for one thing or another alteast ones. Lacto calamine is a moisturizing lotion and consists of water, kaolin, glycerin, castor oil, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate etc. These ingredients are mostly used in the skincare regime by many people. Lets know more about this amazing product now in an elaborate way.

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Essential Oils To Stop Hairfall

Hair fall is a huge problem these days among many, all thanks to the pollution, excessive use of styling products, heat , lack of hair care and many more. There are many products available out there in the market that claims to reduce hair fall, where some of them works some do not. Besides, why spend money on buying products from market when you can use essential oil? Essential oils are concentrated compounds of natural sources that are highly potent and work very well for hair fall.

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DIY Facial Massage Cream- Natural and Inexpensive

Hi lovelies!

Today I am sharing a very natural and homemade facial massage cream recipe using ingredients that are available easily in your kitchen. Facial massage creams as we know are very expensive but they are very necessary for our skin too as they help to improve blood circulation.

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