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Benefits And Uses Of Lacto Calamine

Lacto calamine is a product that needs no introduction. I am sure we all have used it for one thing or another at least one. Lacto calamine is a moisturising lotion and consists of water, kaolin, glycerin, castor oil, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate etc. These ingredients are mostly used in the skincare regime by many people. Let’s know more about this amazing product now in an elaborate way.

Benefits of Lacto Calamine

The zinc oxide used in this lotion helps in dealing with skin problems like sun damage and heals our skin. It also fights a pimple and reduces acne formation.

The glycerin and castor oil adds further benefits by keeping the skin moisturised and acting upon the blemishes which exist on the skin.


Kaolin present in the lotion helps the skin in providing a smooth texture to the skin and gives an instant soft and even skin tone after application.


The zinc oxide and carbonate are effective in treating the allergies of the skin. They also help in removing the dead cells of the skin and thus aids faster skin renewal process.

Price :

Rs 160 for 120ml ( Buy here )

Uses of Lacto calamine:

  • Lacto calamine can be used to treat as a daily moisturiser. This lotion is suited for both dry as well as oily or combination skin.
  • Lacto calamine acts a perfect base for your makeup because the lotion gets fully absorbed by the skin and makes the skin smooth for applying makeup.
  • Lacto calamine is enriched with antiseptic properties thus can be used in treating skin problems and allergies.
  • It can also be used as a very good night cream.
  • This lotion is very good for skin which is prone to sun damage and other pollution agents as the calamine present as an ingredient acts on aiding the healing of the skin and is known to be very effective in sunburns.

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