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Cleansing Milk – beauty with milk


Today I am sharing with you all how you can use milk for your beauty daily. Milk, apart from being a regular dairy product, can also be used in your beauty regime to achieve flawless and beautiful skin. Be it a protein shake or warm milk, milk is a will continue to be one of the healthiest food source available to us.

The Beauty Milk

Cleanser: Milk acts a cleanser, it gently removes dirt and makeup from our skin.

Moisturiser: Milk keeps our skin soft and moisturised.

Scrub: Apart from being a cleanser and moisturiser, milk is also a natural scrubber and exfoliates the skin well.

To use: Dip a cotton ball or a cotton pad into a bowl of raw milk and apply it all over your face, with your fingers gently massage the milk on your face in circular motion for about 3-5 minutes so that the milk gets absorbed into your skin. This will also improve the blood circulation.

Dip a wash cloth into a bowl of warm water, squeeze out the excess water and gently clean your face with the warm wash cloth. If you have acne prone skin, add drops of honey into the milk.

Repeat this whole procedure every night for a soft and glowing skin.

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