How To Use Beauty Blender With Liquid Foundation

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Beauty blenders are one of the most raved beauty product in the market right now.  If you want to get a flawless, smooth, even and a very natural looking makeup then you must go for makeup sponges. Makeup sponges or beauty blenders can be put to different use such as for applying foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighters.

How to use

Applying liquid foundation can be a little tricky as well as messy especially for the beginners I know as I have also been there. So in this post, I am sharing how you can use your beauty blender to get the best out of your liquid foundation.

Always keep your beauty blenders clean

To apply foundation flawlessly and evenly on your face you must use a clean and well-moisturized beauty blender. Using dirty beauty blender will not only spread germs on your face, but you will also prevent the makeup for applying evenly. So, always make sure that you use clean blenders.


Moist your blender before using

Damp your blender before using it. Whenever you use a beauty blender make sure that you wet it by placing it under running tap water and then squeeze out the excess water. When you use a damp beauty blender, it does not absorb the liquid foundation. A damp beauty blender also makes your base look natural and gives a dewy finish. So, never use a dry beauty blender.

Dot the foundation across your face

Before you use the beauty blender, it is best to dot the foundation across your face. This will ensure that the foundation is evenly applied and will also reduce the wastage.

Apply the foundation in stippling motion

Remember, you should never drag the beauty blender across your face as this will defeat the use of beauty blender. Instead gently dab it on your face in a stippling motion. This will help in blending the foundation beautifully with your skin.


Press into the skin for a seamless finish

After you are done with stippling the foundation, take some extra time to press the foundation on your skin. This will blur all the remaining foundation lines and will give you a seamless finish.

Bounce the beauty blender on your face

Finally, use the round part of the beauty blender and bounce it on your face for an absolutely even and flawless finish.

Clean the beauty blender and allow it to dry

Make sure that you have cleaned the beauty blender after using and then allow it to dry. This will save your time next when you use it and will also prevent the formation of germs and bacteria on the surface.


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