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Why Multi Masking Is Absolutely Genius?


Don’t you ever feel like you are in a constant battle with your skin? Like trying out different masks to get the perfect and flawless skin? Wanting our skin to be glowing but not oily, acne free but not dry and some people it is hydrated skin but not sweat, you know what I mean right? The latest skin care trend of multi masking is driving all of us crazy. So let’s see what it really is and what are its benefits for our skin.

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Cleansing Milk – beauty with milk


Today I am sharing with you all how you can use milk for your beauty daily. Milk, apart from being a regular dairy product, can also be used in your beauty regime to achieve flawless and beautiful skin. Be it a protein shake or warm milk, milk is a will continue to be one of the healthiest food source available to us.
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Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash Review

Hi lovelies!

After reading so many good reviews on Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash, I finally decided to give it a try myself. So, few weeks back I went ahead and bought the face wash. After using it for about two weeks now I thought it is time to review the product now, so lets begin!

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Skin Whitening Tomato Face Mask


Tomatoes are great for your health as well as your skin. So, if you love tomatoes to use them for your skin too. Eating tomatoes every day will surely give you a glowing problem free skin.

Tomatoes are high in antioxidants which help to lighten complexion and also protect the skin from damages. Vitamin C present in tomatoes improves the collagen and elastin production in the skin, making it supple and firm. Tomato pulp is even antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. It also helps in removing the dead skin cells and making skin pores tighter.

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10 Essential Monsoon Skin Care Tips That Keeps My Skin Healthy And Glowing

Hi, lovelies!

Monsoon is already here and during this time your normal skin care routine will do no good, you need to be more strategic with skin care during monsoon. 

The immunity level of our body goes down during monsoon and can result in several diseases. We may get stomach problems like indigestion, typhoid and also skin problems like rashes, prickly heat boils and even pimples.

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Body Polishing At Home

Hi, lovelies!

Hope you all are doing well. We do so much for our face, but often we just forget our body. Neglecting our body and not taking care of our body skin leads to tanning and skin dullness.

Body polishing treatment helps to exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells and makes our skin supple and soft. But body polishing treatment at parlours can be expensive, so today I am sharing a body polishing home remedy.
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Get Whiten Clear and Pimple free skin – Natural home remedies.

Hi lovelies,

Say goodbye to pimples- It’s finally your turn to say goodbye to those ugly pimples and get a clear skin. Today I am sharing a natural and effective remedy to get rid of that ugly pimple forever.
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Benefits And Uses Of Lacto Calamine

Lacto calamine is a product that needs no introduction. I am sure we all have used it for one thing or another at least one. Lacto calamine is a moisturising lotion and consists of water, kaolin, glycerin, castor oil, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate etc. These ingredients are mostly used in the skincare regime by many people. Let’s know more about this amazing product now in an elaborate way.

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DIY Facial Massage Cream- Natural and Inexpensive

Hi, lovelies!

Today I am sharing a very natural and homemade facial massage cream recipe using ingredients that are available easily in your kitchen. Facial massage creams as we know are very expensive but they are very necessary for our skin too as they help to improve blood circulation.

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