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Give yourself some care this year

Hey guys,

This is not one of my regular posts but rather something that we all need to talk about. We all are so busy with our lives these days that we hardly get any time to sit back and give ourselves some care, however, every day we should take out some time from our very busy schedule and make time for ourselves. Self-care is not something we must just do but we should also make it a part of our daily routine.

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Vintage and Stiletto Heels – ft. FSJ Shoes

Hi guys,

As we all know Vintage shoes are making a huge come back this season and to be very honest Stilettoes were never really out of fashion. So, very recently I came across a shoe brand called  Funny she jill(FSJ), they provide a huge variety of designs including vintage shoes and stiletto heels. So, to know more about the brand and their wide range of designs keep on reading.

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10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Hi, beautiful people!

Monsoon is already here and a rainy day is an ultimate holiday that every individual whether a teenager, adult, a mum of two kids or some other working personnel, a rainy is a boon to you. We all know we all are busy with our lives and taking a break or applying for a leave to spend some quality time with yourself is considered no less than a crime.

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